Sunday, April 29, 2012

Magalawa Island At Last!!!

       Everytime I want a “momentary escape” from the chaotic city life, I just click and envision! It is one of my hobbies to search the net for white sand, beautiful beaches and islands here in the Philippines and imagine or hoping being there. :)  From this constant search, I learned about Magalawa Island. And last week, at looong last, I went there with my partner in all adventures. We stayed in Armada Regent Resort, the only accommodation in the island. The entire stay was great not only because of the island’s beauty but also because of the wonderful treatment of the resort’s staff (They're absolutely NICE!) and the food – a feast of sea foods! Here are the things you should know about this island..

Magalawa is a small island located in Brgy. Pangolingan, Palauig, Zambales.
We reached there through: Iba, Zambales line bus (Victory Liner); from Iba, we took a Sta. Cruz bus and dropped off at Brgy. Pangolingan, Palauig cor. Radio Veritas Road; rode a tricycle to Armada Fishdealer Compound; 10-minute boat ride to Magalawa Island.

 The creamy white sand and clear water of Magalawa
 This is the best part of the island for swimming. One part is restricted for swimming due to strong wave/sea currents while the other parts are mangrove area and sea grass bed.

 Lush sea grass and mangrove

 Star-filled sand
Magalawa is really rich with star fishes of different colors and with its clear water you can see them easily. :)

The floating cottage for snorkeling
This floating cottage (with the help of the boat of course) will take you to the part of the island for snorkeling. Aside from snorkeling, you can also try their bamboo raft ride. There are other things you can do, just unleash the explorer within you. =)

Getting ready to shine
Sunrise is something you shouldn't miss in Magalawa Island.

Beautiful Magalawa sunrise

Early morning scene in Magalawa

Sand name building

Visit Magalawa Island and you'll sure enjoy it's beauty.

       For accommodation, Armada Regent Resort offers various types of accommodations like aircon and fan rooms, kubo, and tent. They also have package tour which includes 2-way boat transfer, meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner), and snorkeling/rafting with gears. For more info visit their Facebook fanpage - Magalawa Island or you may contact Ms. Grace Armada at 0920 9483303.

Love your own. Explore Philippines. Explore Magalawa Island.
And YES, It's more fun in the Philippines!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Lenten Reflection

       The season of Lent reminds us how Jesus Christ redeemed us from our sins. This is also the best time to reflect or do pilgrimage. Wherever we are this week, we may not forget the true and deep meaning of Lent. 

       This is my Lenten project for this year -- a feast for the eyes with the photographs I took and food for the inner being with the Bible verses and quotes. Have a blessed Holy Week everyone! :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Make a Statement!

       I was inspired by a very close friend to make this neckpiece collection I called, Statement Accessories. She asked me to make her a simple, elegant neckpiece but striking along with a structured, elegant dress. As my thesis partner in college and like an older sister, I am quite sure of what design she really wants. 

       With that request, a thought crossed to my mind...why not make accessories that would make a STATEMENT??! And so the first batch of Statement Accessories Collection was born.. And I named every piece after my dear friend's name, Kerry Anne.. Surely, these pieces would make you WOW!! :) 

       To view the entire album of the collection and for orders, kindly visit my Facebook Page: Designs by Charinson.

The dress I designed for Ate Kerry.
Actual dress is more fabulous than the sketch with great texture of fabrics.

Kerry Neckpiece

K Heart Neckpiece

K Tribal Neckpiece

Anne Neckpiece